Why we created sfuels. 

   After completing my nutrition and naturopathic medicine studies in the 90s, and having competed in ultra endurance racing since my school years - I was shocked at what I found, when I trained my body to optimize for fat based fueling...


   From 2007-2012 while training for a number of ultras between 50km and 250km my weight hovered between 76 and 81kg...and three problems remained constant for me,


1) muscle fatigue and tightness after 30km (glucose dependence),


2) anti-inflammatory use  after long training days (inflammation), 


3) digestive issues and some resistant belly-fat. (gut irritation)

   For some years, I thought this was uniquely me, but after studying the research on these problems,  I found it shockingly common amongst endurance athletes, and increasingly prevalent in the ultra scene. 

   Then in the 2013 off-season I reduced my miles down by about 90%, and drastically reduced grains, sugar-bars, breads, pastas, rice, juices and sports drinks where ever possible - increased more quality fats and low GI carbs in my training diet.


   As I entered the racing season, I increased my weekly mileage and  found my body had fueling flexibility (fat and carbs) with greater tolerance to endure all-day training sessions without the drammatic slowing from over-tight fatigued muscles.  I no longer needed anti-inflammatory meds after training,  gut distress was gone, and recovery from long sessions was faster, compared to using simple carb drinks, gels and bars.


   But, when I looked for packaged food to use in training and racing, the market was full of sickly sweet bars, drinks and chews, full of sugars, syrups and refined grains.  With my nutrition training an ultra endurance racing experience - I know we could create something better - dedicated to the sport, and the longevity of  endurance athlete lifestyles. So we formed, SFuels and after two plus years of product development, SFuels Ultra Low-Training Bars, was born... and now our drink products also.


         SFuels Founder

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